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Rocket Salad
Fresh Salad
Kale and Chickpeas Salad


Harvesting Begins November 2

Baby Leaf Greens Mix

Available Now!

Baby Kale Mix

Harvesting Begins November 16

Salad Mixes

Our Fresh Baby Leaf Salad Mixes are all grown Pesticide Free and in Organic Soil and nourished using Certified Organic Nutrients.

Organic hydroponic vegetable cultivation

Baby Leaf Greens Mix

A custom blend of Organic Salad Green seeds grown in our Organic soil without the use of pesticides. Harvested as a baby leaf resulting in a flavorful salad base unlike anything available in the market today. Our base mix can be customized to meet any taste profile, texture and menu offering desired by your culinary team.


Organic Arugula Seed grown in Organic soil without the use of pesticides to provide you with the freshest Arugula salad available in the Colorado market.

Tuna Tartar Salad

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