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What do we grow?

Smith Family Greens grows baby leaf salad greens in a vertical farm. We have developed a proprietary system that allows us to utilize Organic soil and Organic nutrients. We are adding new varieties weekly allowing us to build custom salad mixes for our valued customers. 

Is your produce pesticide free?

Yes! All of our salad greens are 100% pesticide free. Furthermore, Smith Family Greens does not use any animal by-products, compost, or manures in our Organic growing method thus avoiding indirect antibiotic exposure to consumers of our salad mixes.  

3rd Party Audits and USDA certifications

Smith Family Greens is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for the USDA GAP/GHP program. This verification audits for the USDA Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices certifies that our facility follows strict food safety controls throughout the growing process. We are still awaiting completion of our USDA Organic Certification and will update as news breaks.